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About Sonia

Sonia is a gifted, intuitive psychic medium, energy worker and a Reiki Master. She has studied at the Arthur Findlay Metaphysical College in Essex, England with the top medium in the world, trance mediumship with Tony Stockwell at the Omega Institute in New York and continues growing her gifts with her mentor, a world known medium, Matthew Smith. Her passion is to help bring clarity and understanding to ones personal life's journey with Spiritual guidance and healing comfort through the connection with our loved ones.


Through Sonia's intuitive psychic gifts, with the guidance of our personal Spirit Guides, she is able to help resolve challenging areas in our lives such as money, love, relationships, career, grieving and forgiveness. Using her mediumship gifts, Sonia is able to bringing forth evidence that confirms with facts that our loved ones are still very present in our daily lives and always guiding us with their deep unconditional love for us. 

Sonia has also studied meditation since her early 20's. She began for personal growth and healing but soon learned the amazing transformation it created in her life through her daily practice. She learned many types of meditation through her travels and continued seeking out some to the great meditation teachers through science, like Dr. Joe Dispenza. With the unique insights on meditations she loves sharing her knowledge and understanding of how meditation can truly transform ones personal journey. 

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