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Unfortunately no Events are scheduled at this time

as I am still looking for a space.

My Reading Sessions are still available!

Sound Bathing Guided Meditation

My meditation classes are a blend of intuitive guidance with voice and quartz crystal singing bowls. Meditation practice will help teach you to focus in the present so you can take back the power of thought from the body. The quartz crystal singing bowls bring an expansive and powerful sound that resonates deep into the body. This vibrational movement allows the body to release blocks of energy and old beliefs that no longer serve you. This is when clarity happens and all things become possible again. You are the artist of your life, take back the paint brush and begin creating your dreams!

Come Join Me and Let your transformation begin!
Class begin at 8am
 1 hour long 
$10 per person. 

Please keep in mind a date may change so stay connected! You can follow me on Facebook, Sonia Rose,

for the most recent updates!

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