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What does Psychic mean?

A person who has the ability to perceive information from a source of energy that cannot be seen is considered psychic.
It has been found that some people have a fear of the messages that spirit might give them or think they might start psychically reading everything about them. Sonia works with spirit only from a place of love and respect. The information given to her from your spirit guides is only intended for your highest good.


 It is important for you to remember that as you make choices and decisions in every moment, of everyday, of your life, this can change or alter your future and therefore can change the information you receive in a reading.

What does Mediumship mean?

When a person is able to connect with loved ones that have crossed over to the other side it is called Mediumship.  Spirits work through thought energy, therefore they communicate to us through telepathy. Spirit also communicates from a higher dimension than our own physical realm. They can send their impressions much faster than what we are used to communicating. It takes a lot of energy from both sides to converse with each other. Mediums must stay very focused and will speak faster than normal, This is to build up their energy to keep up with what thoughts the spirit is sending.

Sonia receives these thoughts using all of her gifts. This provides you with  evidential and  detailed information as if you are truly speaking to your loved ones, but through Sonia. 


Sonia not only connects with loved ones that have crossed over, but also may connect with animal spirits. Sometimes pets wish to send messages of love and guidance.  It is the most loving and amazing opportunity for healing and forgiveness or to just simply say I love you and miss you.

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